The Management

The facility is under the management of Will L. Bramblett. Mr. Bramblett was raised near Dexter, New Mexico on a cotton and alfalfa farm. He obtained an agricultural economics degree from Texas Tech University in 2002 and started his career in the grain division of Archer Daniels Midland, where he was employed for five years. He then commenced work for Scoular Grain Company as a manager of shuttle loading facilities and truck houses in Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri. After 15 years with Scoular in that capacity, he became CEO of Weskan Grain, a division of the Soloviev Group. Mr. Bramblett was in charge of the design of the facility at Stockton Siding, and incorporated every feature he wished he could have had at the older facilities he managed in his earlier career. He was located on-site during the construction, and lived at the facility nonstop for its first harvest season for milo in October 2022. Mr. Bramblett is married, with a daughter and two sons.