Weskan Grain
Facility at Stockton

Five million bushels of concrete storage have been built and were first placed in service in October 2022. These bins are served by a bucket elevator system having a capacity of 50,000 bushels an hour, divided among two bucket systems, so can unload and elevate the grain from a typical 1000 bushel truck hopper in about one minute. There is also a 600,000 bushel ground bunker with a Lemar driveover stacker having a capacity of 15,000 bushels/hour for temporary overflow storage, and ground has been prepped for storage of another one million bushels of ground storage. The stacker can empty a truck’s grain hopper in about three minutes. There are also three 20,000 bushel capacity steel bins dedicated to the receipt of problematic loads, for instance wet grain that requires extra drying. Farmers with troublesome load quality issues are welcome at Weskan Grain.


As part of the upcoming Phase II construction, a fully automated Apollo above-ground scale system having a 120,000 pound capacity, with a modern truck ticket interface system is being installed. Drivers will be able to reach their paperwork without leaving the truck, either through their window or standing on their driver-side truck step. A six foot long grain probe will shoot samples by underground line to a scalehouse lab to be analyzed for protein, moisture, test weight, and any other relevant test factors. Modern lab equipment will generate results within just a few seconds, which will be printed as a part of the scale ticket. Tickets will be assigned a farm field ID number, and split IDs are allowed.


The facility is located on a 2,200-acre tract so there is limitless staging room for trucks. The wait time for unloads is expected to be minimal due to the high unloading speed. Our state-of-the-art facility provides the fastest truck unloads in Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado. No expense has been spared in the design, construction, and efficiency of the facility. Tours are available upon request.


The facility is fully licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, holding a Commodity Warehouse License and a Commodity Handlers License. It is bonded in complete satisfaction of state requirements, and fully insured in case of destruction by tornado or other peril. Regular business hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm weekdays, except at harvest times and any time a producer requests delivery. Attention is given to careful management in every detail, with a focus on rapid but prudent speed of loading and unloading.