Location & History

In 2022 Weskan Grain LLC, a division of the Soloviev Group, constructed a new bulk trainloading grain facility near Stockton, CO alongside the Stockton Siding of the Colorado Pacific Railroad. The Colorado Pacific is a remaining piece of the former Missouri Pacific Railroad’s main line built west from Kansas City to reach Pueblo, Colorado in 1887. The railroad erected a prominent sign at the siding, marking the distance to Kansas City as 480 miles and the distance to Pueblo as 144 miles. When the line was first opened Stockton Siding was developed as a pumped water station for supply to steam locomotive boilers, and a small town of about 300 residents grew up around it. Every trace of that community disappeared decades ago, and now the Weskan Grain trainloader, located on Highway 96 about four miles east of Sheridan Lake, has risen in its place.